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Technology Consultancy

Technology Consultation

The market is full of solutions, which most of the times, is overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right technology for your business profile. We support you in pivoting to new reliable technologies in a secure environment. Our shared knowledge is deeply connected to technology. The solutions we provide are intelligent, well-timed and based on cost-effective, on time and intelligent solutions.

Development Process Consulting

We provide optimization solutions for your day-to-day business activities. Your employees can focus on important tasks and the daily operations can be managed by our online services. Our consultants can provide assistance that will not be disruptive in your organization. Keep everyone focused on the important decisions and not on time-consuming activities that place you behind competition.

Platform and Integration Consulting

We can support you in any endeavour from SAP integration to non-SAP systems, we develop web service integrations, integrate Cloud and on premise systems, develop API’s, and support B2B scenarios. Create a more compact business environment for your employees and consultants with shared data which will optimize your decisions on the long term.

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Software Consulting


Our designers will sketch and wireframe your future app so you will know how it will look before it is fully implemented. This mitigates any communication discrepancies and helps you easily picture how your solution will look and feel.

• Photoshop design
• Sketch for MAC wireframing
• Adobe XD simulations
• Fine vector tailoring in Adobe Illustrator

Integration & Scaling

Tap into the power of information where you can work easier with people, devices and simplify processes. With integration and scaling solutions you can maintain your business advantage and increase the agility of your workflow.

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Digitalization Solutions

Design & Development

Our experience goes deep into the insights in the vast World Wide Web. We don’t just style and leave you with an empty website, we first understand your needs and what functionalities you require to make your business more efficient, and we create the digital content based on your business requirements.

We support you along the way to transfer your databases to optimized systems and assure a scaled solution.
• .NET development
• PHP Development
• React Native and JavaScript Development
• Java/J2EE Development

Software Scaling and Development

We have integrated in our team, experts that know how to combine software with hardware and make them work for you. Powerful software will make your business more agile and reliable in stressful situations.
Key data in the digital world shows that many development companies just jump to implementation after receiving just some ideas from their clients. We cherish our portfolio and go beyond the surface of their vision.
Our processes are well defined so you will be more immersed in our development and scaling solutions. With full transparency we will provide you with the tools you need in order to understand what is an appropriate design for your WebApp and what functionalities are best for your digitalization needs.

Full Stack Solutions

We got the full stack solutions ready to be implemented within your company. Problems do not exist, only challenges. Find the best solutions with the help of our experts who will train your team and implement efficient software that will integrate with your business departments.


ERP and Software Solutions

Software Solution Upgrade

Renewing your technology may not sound too appealing. It requires time and analysis so your business can cope with the impact. You will not have to worry if you have the right team to provide you with the right SASS and ERP software.
Our experts in technological growth have created strong teams that are oriented to problem-solving. Assuming and defining roles requires automation of processes by implementing a scalable solution of project management software and growing the opportunity resilience.

Digital Dashboards

We have developed a set of dashboards which can be integrated with complex databases that can pull data in real time. You can tap the represented charts and get constant updates on the evolution of your marketing campaigns or other metrics that you wish to have in the dashboard.
Digital dashboards don’t make your analysts obsolete, but allow them to give you more accurate predictions. Reports can be shared in closed and secure sessions and also through profiled account roles.

Enterprise Application Software

Small and medium companies can find an accessible solution for their working environment. Your sale department will be able to track client information, easily view follow-ups and client locations in their pipelines. Customer service personnel can highlight issues and communicate efficiently with internal departments.
Our solution gathers large amounts of information from manipulation processes and reports to you and your employees important key findings based on your custom KPIs. These services come with fully customizable options that will blend with your on-location deposits easily.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Easily find key data in a ready to use solution and manage your employees’ activities. Our ERP solution will improve your commerce activities. We guarantee a minimum 2-week scalability depending on your company business model.
Get real-time reports without writing a single line of code. We provide a simple and intuitive platform for stock management accessible from any device (desktop and mobile ready). Within it you can divide day to day work and view on-going product deployment at a national or international work.

Full Corporate Operational Services

Our software services come with a complete package of services and tools that allow you to expand your market range and move from a local to a regional business and become a national/international figure.
We aid our clients in making the proper business intelligence assessments which bring key insights for starting a new marketing campaign, affiliating with the right partners, optimising digital sales and for creating unique content for your customers.


Transform and optimize your digital framework

Maintaining your competitive advantages in today’s markets is more than essential to modernize your technology. This can be a game changer for you that will propel you in front of your competitors.
If your periodical numbers indicate that you are facing challenges, then do not hesitate to call our experts.

Technology Solutions

We offer our clients insights about the right technology they need after we analyse closely their technological assets. We sketch the main objectives and carefully define steps that mitigate possible risks along the way.

Software Development

We deliver complete functionalities based on your unique business procedures and requirements:  Desktop Applications, Web-based Applications, Enterprise Solutions, Mobile optimized applications, Risk mitigation in technology transitions

Full IT Administrative Services

We provide a wide variety of services in database design and management complex sets of data. Depending on the right solution for you, we can provide you with the proper tech assistance, as well as parsing and valuing your collected data. An organized database will help you build decisions and manage your customers.

Software Compliance Consultancy

Our technology division has built a global network that enables any client to connect with any market around the globe. We offer impartial advice as well as software compliance consultancy in various jurisdictions on an international scale and aid you tap into new markets with potential trustworthy clients.

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